An expressive session of putting the body to the test. Exposing the environment to the test, which comes into contact with the body and objects which the body has contact with. Body is external.

The performance was inspired by a 19th century Russian poet Yulia Zhadovskaya, who was born without arms and throughout her entire life she was struggling with disability and attempts to step out as a writer.

The rich life of the artist is embedded in difficult times. Aristocrat, strong and rebellious, but disabled completely does not match the reality of a Russian woman, who should know her place in the social hierarchy. Yulia Zhadovskaya was trying to break through, to fight with her father’s hard hand, to shape her own way. The choice of the monodrama’s heroine is not accidental – Yulia Zhadovskaya is known in Podlachia for her Orthodox religious poetry, performed by church choirs (her poems are printed in sc. “bogoglasniks”).

The performance, touching on the subject of female carnality and limitations connected with it, set in the culture of the aristocracy of the 19th century Russian Empire, is performed with the help of the means of modern puppet theatre.

Jura Dziwakoŭ-Dushevski directed the play, and, in co-operation with Tatiana Dzivakova, the stage designer, run an experimental theatre of form Laboratory Figures Oskar Schlemmer. Eryk Arłoŭ-Shymkus wrote the music, he has co-operated with multiple music projects, plays for the orchestra of the Yanka Kupala Academic Theatre in Minsk. Joanna Troc of the Podlachian Czrevo Theatre stars in the play.