A performance composed of theatre etudes for songs from the musical project Narodny Albom. It will feature members of a Belarusian theatre group “Playing the theatre”.
Narodny Albom is a sung story of a Belarusian frontier town in the 1920′-30′. It is an idealized world created by a group of independent Belarusian artists.

„Michał Aniempadystau, Minsk graphic designer, poet and translator was the creator of the concept of the project and the author of the majority of lyrics… The project’s participants called it Narodny Albom – Folk Album. It was not only new but also innovative: it was to become a musical expedition to the pre-war Polish-Soviet borderland; a gate to the world which the Second World War put an end to, and the memory of it blurred by the years of communist propaganda… The performance became a sensation, and the songs – hits, which, in order to popularize Belarusian language, were quoted by teachers during Belarusian classes. Narodny Albom, because of the supposedly anti-Soviet subject subject have not appeared on big stages, radio and TV. It remained a legendary part of unofficial culture” Cezary Goliński