We have the pleasure of inviting you to two exhibitions:

Pinhole Photography Exhibition – remarkable documentation of urban space during the jubilee Modern Art Days 2005. Reminder of that space-time in a different arrangement.

Organic Photography Exhibition by Bogdan Kiwak and Marcin Sarota of pictures created without a camera. Additionally, the exhibition will feature the works made on the Białystok master classes.

Bogdan Kiwak
Interested in classical photography and experimentation referring to its basics. He cooperates with the Magical Carpathians Project. He has displayed his works in Poland, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia. He hosts master classes on pinhole photography and cameraless photography. He also makes travel, nature, and concert photo series. Kiwak co-created the “Widzi Się” Creative Group and “Widzi Się” Photography Festival in Stary Sącz. For several years, he has been creating instruments from elder wood.

Marcin Sarota
His main area of photography interests include “archaeology of photography”: cameraless techniques, organic photography, pinhole, solarigraphy. He also makes graphics and posters, and paints. His works have been presented on various individual and group exhibitions. Originator and co-creator, alongside Marek Styczyński and Bogdan Kiwak, of the “Organic Trio”.