The project combines two worlds – early music and modern dance.

The musical fabric is made of the fragments of ballets by Jean-Baptiste Lully, the creator of the French national opera, whose music gained followers all over Europe, inspiring the compositions of following masters such as Bach or Händel. French culture radiated throughout the continent, also in the times of Branicki, who not only expanded and furnished his residence in the style of Grand Siècle, but also put up opera comique in his Opernhaus. Competing artistically with the court of Stanisław August, he also created a ballet group, whose performances accompanied the operas played in the hetman’s theatre.

Interpersonal relationships, which constitute a bridge between epochs, are the theme of the performance – despite different conventions and historical background, they remain unchangeable. Moliere’s satire „Le bourgeois gentilhomme” will be the basis of that story.

Combining modern dance techniques with the ballet moves from the times of Lully is an interesting artistic decision. As part of the performance, there will also be elements of scenography, which are a modern transformation of French designs, both of Baroque architecture and clothing.