Another Dimension festival from 2013 takes place as part of The Rise of Eastern Culture project, which integrates artistic environments of Eastern Poland cities and artists from the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine).

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Another Dimension of Theatre
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Another Dimension of Community
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Another Dimension of Film
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Another Dimension of Art
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Another Dimension of Music
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Ministry of Culture and National Heritage National Centre for Culture City of Białystok Białystok Cultural Centre
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Białystok City Mayor
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Kultura Dostępna TVP3 Białystok Polish Radio Białystok Białystok Online
Gazeta Wyborcza
Gazeta Wyborcza Białystok Kurier Poranny Poranny.pl
Waszczukowe Brewery
Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland - Belarus - Ukraine 2014–2020 Arsenał Gallery in Białystok Białystok Association of Photography The Sleńdzińskis Gallery in Białystok
Pro Anima Foundation Ukrainian Institute Pogotowie Kulturalno-Społeczne Association
Maria Żynel and Julita Charytoniuk
Białystok Puppet Theatre AB-BA Association for the Children and Youth Learning Belarusian Language
“Pocztówka” Cultural Association DanceOFFnia Studio of Creative Activities