The Concert of Life / Koncert życia
dir. Mikołaj Wawrzeniuk

A story about an interesting social phenomenon of recent years: “Podlachian Concert of Wishes” in Belarusian Radio Racya. The three-hour Saturday show is the most important event of the week for many residents of the Białystok region.

You listen to the “Concert of Wishes” alone and focused, but also together with neighbors at a banquet table or at work.

On the air, Belarus, Polish and all possible Polish-Belarusian dialects and mixes used in the region are spoken. The listeners talk about personal matters, but often also describe the general situation: the aging of the village on the eastern wall, problems with work, economic migration. We want these stories to form a film panorama of a large part of Podlachia. Sometimes sad, reflective and sometimes vivid, joyful or even funny. Simply: “The Concert of Life.”

The event is co-organized and co-financed by the National Centre for Culture