Czeremszyna / Horyna
An unusual and the only Polish-Belarusian-Ukrainian project in Poland, under which Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian folk songs will be presented in interesting and unusual arrangements. The artists involved in the project are known and appreciated in Poland.

CZEREMSZYNA is one of the leading folk bands in Poland, inspired by Slavic folklore, mainly Podlachian. The band was founded in November 1993 in Czeremcha, a small town in Podlachia.

HORYNA presents the folklore of Ukrainian Polechia and has several programs reflecting different seasons of the calendar cycle. The band is a laureate of many national and international competitions.

We live in very interesting times. Political maps are changing again, one post on Facebook may trigger a revolution, and technological development completely changes our space and forces us to try to find ourselves in it all the time. In response to the pain and helplessness that surrounds us, we need to change something, at least at the level of thinking. Each word has its own power.

The Polish-Ukrainian band DAGADANA on their new album will mainly refer to old wish songs. This is due to the need to awaken kindness and share the Good with everyone beyond all divisions.

For over 12 years, DAGADANA has been combining elements of Ukrainian and Polish culture with jazz, electronics and world music. Wherever it reaches (25 countries so far), it crosses the borders between nations, between the stage and the audience, proving that honesty in music initiates an amazing mystical adventure, an exchange between people. DAGADANA is also an ambassador of Slavic culture, both Polish and Ukrainian.