writer: Dmitriy Bogoslavskiy
director and stage designer: Stas Zhyrkov
music: Dmytro Solodkiy
lighting: Stas Zhyrkov
cast: Roman Yasinovskiy, Oleksandr Yarema, Anton Solovey, Vitalina Bibliv, Inna Miroshnichenko, Iryna Tkachenko, Lilia Tsvyelikova

The performance by Stas Zhyrkov and the team of the “Golden Gate” Theater is very moving, but it does not reduce the pain of losing someone we loved. Especially someone extremely close, regardless of the distance between them. Family ties are like lifelines that hold us and bind us to the world, and even to that place we never come back from.

Do you know how to clean a well? First you need to take a ladder, a shovel, a bucket and an iron brush, then pick up all the water… But why should I know that? There is water in the tap… So why does Alexander see his deceased dad and this well in the backyard every night? Why does Alexander’s dad always talk about the well, and never about whether he loved his son? Beloved ones die and there is emptiness… There was a family – and where are they now? And who is this Albert who, for some reason, thinks he can help? Somehow you have to live on, because someone has to clean the well…