script writer and director: Agata Biziuk
stage design: Ľudmila Bubánová
music: Natasza Topor
stage movement: Anna Sawicka-Hodun
lighting: Maciej Iwańczyk
cast: Daniel „Czacza” Antoniewicz, Paulina Moś, Helena Radzikowska, Paweł Rutkowski, Monika Soszka, Mateusz Trzmiel

The performance “PeKiN” is a trip through time and space. The guide is the Wind of History, exhibits – people, sculptures and ghosts.

We invite you to the construction site that consumed the dense buildings of pre-war Warsaw. We will listen to a Jewish lullaby to soothe the ghosts of orphans, Janusz Korczak’s wards, wandering around the Parade Square. We will take part in a swimming lesson taking place in the palace swimming pool, we will visit the Congress Hall, where Władysław Gomułka is giving a shameful, anti-Jewish speech. The tour program also includes clubbing with Bierut and the last convention of the Polish United Workers’ Party.

“PeKiN” is a story about an attitude towards communism and transformation, about fears and complexes, fulfilled and unfulfilled dreams, and about the fact that Polish-Jewish relations are an important element of our collective identity. The performance, in the convention of a stylistic collage, shows the phenomenon of the Palace of Culture and Science in all its complexity.