The achievements of famous Białystokers such as Wiera Gran or Zygmunt Białostocki will be presented, but the presentation will focus on less known Białystok artists such as Szymon Osowicki, Misza Szpoliański, Herc Rubin, Jay Gorney (A. Gornecki), Chajele Grober and many others who have achieved success at scenes and film studios around the world, and in Poland and Białystok few people have heard about them.

Artists not born in Białystok, but connected with the city through their place of residence and artistic career, such as Sz. Berezowski, E. Rosner, P. Kapłan and J. Petersburski will also be included.

One selected piece of each artist will be played from the original vinyls, accompanied by a short presentation of the artist’s biography. Between the compositions played from the gramophone by Piotr Znaniecki, several pieces will be played live, specially arranged for this occasion by the Frey-Lech Trio band.